Michelle Burk : Designer + Illustrator

Founding Farmers Menus

Founding Farmers Menu Redesign

In early 2017, Founding Farmers decided it was time to give their menus a facelift. With three different stores, we wanted a design that could be tailored to the unique concepts of each restaurant, but also be a recognizable family all together.

With a lunch/dinner menu of over 125 items, a suitable wayfinding system was crucial to the design of the menu. Our solution was to use illustrations (in a style reminiscent to lithography; a form of art popular during the Founding Fathers era) to tour guide the guest from starters, to lighter (lunch) entrees, and then down to larger (dinner) entrees, many of which feature sections and items that are unique to each Founding Farmers restaurant. In order to differentiate each restaurant, we tailored the colors and illustrations to each location.

Overall, the result is a light and airy design and evokes a modern farmhouse feel.